Rant #1 Unintelligent machines


Ok. Explain this to me if you would be so kind. Why would somebody pay a lot of money for something that continually causes problems and is unnecessary? Maybe I am going crazy, but I am at least 90% sure that people spend a crap ton of money on stuff that causes problems. Take the xbox 360 for example. Back in 2009 there was a major problem where thousands of players experienced the console shutting down randomly and red lights appear on their xbox. This effect was so called the “Red Ring of Death”. Consumers all across the globe experienced this problem and many panicked. Basically armageddon occurred in the console gaming world.

This wasn’t the only case in which technology has betrayed us. We basically throw money at these machines and expect them to work one hundred percent of the time. We can’t expect these machines, that us as human beings program to be able to do everything, nor should we trust technology that can. Surely you all have seen those films where technology takes over the world. This is essentially what I am trying to prevent. The moment we let technology do stuff for us a little too much, we become too lazy to take it back.

Society as a whole is so lazy we build machines to build other machines. Now let’s think about what happened in the late 90’s. Most of you are too young to remember Y2K, but in the years leading up to 2000, basically everyone thought that on New Year’s Day 2000, all of the technology would revolt and kill everyone else. Obviously, humans are too stubborn to change that, so people have already predicted that more mass panic will ensue later on when “technology will rise up,” and everyone will fall for it again.

Here is my point. We have made these machines to do what WE want. They won’t do anything we tell them not to do, so if we create machines that will conquer the world, it will be our fault. It will be the entire world’s fault for being so lazy as to need something to do so much stuff for us they will basically become automatons. If society falls, it is society’s fault.

by: Connor Sandall


One Drink Too Many

Alcoholism, is an illness involving the excessive use of alcoholic beverages, whether it’s a can of beer or other sources such as vodka, and whiskey etc. It often affects a lot of people and their families. Alcoholism has been often been thought of as a symptom of a psychological or social problem, or as a learned, behavior to cope with the everyday problems people’s lives. More recently alcoholism has become a recognized disease of it’s own. Alcoholism usually develops over a period of a few years. Early symptoms include spending an excessive amount of limited income on alcohol. The availability of the alcohol influences the person’s choice of friends and the things that they do. Alcohol becomes used as more of a relaxer than as a casual beverage. At first, the alcoholic may have a high tolerance of alcohol, drinking more and showing less effects than other drinkers.    Alcohol begins to be more important than the person’s relationships, work, or even their health. The person progresses by losing control over their drinking and are not able to control their habit. A physical addiction may come later to avoid the effects of a hangover.

          The effects on major organ systems include a wide range of digestive disorders such as ulcers, inflammation of the pancreas, and cirrhosis of the liver. The nervous system can also be permanently damaged. Blackouts, hallucinations, and extreme tremors may occur to the person as a direct result of drinking alcohol. Studies have evidence that shows that heavy or even moderate drinking during pregnancy can cause serious damage to the unborn child. This is known as fetal alcohol syndrome.

          About 10 percent of all the adult drinkers in the U.S. are considered alcoholics or they have some sort of drinking problem. The consumption of alcohol is currently rising in the U.S., and other countries like the U.S.S.R. and some of the European countries. There is also an increase of alcohol-related problems in other nations, including the Third World.

          Specialized treatment facilities within general or psychiatric hospitals are rapidly increasing in number. One of them is known as Charter. Earlier and better treatment has led to high recovery rates.  In addition to physical complications and withdrawal symptoms, treatment involves counseling and group therapy such as AA are directed at complete recovery from the symptoms from alcoholism. The desired goal, of these facilities is that there can be a safe return to social drinking. Antabuse, is a drug that produces a violent intolerance for alcohol as long as the substance remains in the body and is sometimes used after withdrawal. Despite these promising signs, estimates of the annual number of deaths related to excessive drinking exceed 97,000 in the United States alone. Economic costs related to alcoholism are at least $100 billion a year.  These facts should help you to understand that alcoholism is very serious and should not be taken lightly.

by: Timothy Brinamen


November 1, 2016

There are some things you just have to get used to when owning an alligator. The biggest thing you need to know is that they are never happy; they are the grouchiest creatures on the face of the earth. They find excuses all day to show attitude. First things first they don’t like mornings. As soon as you walk by the tank and start to flip lights on, they throw a huge fit complete with hissing and gurgling growls.

They like their space and they don’t want you in it. They will randomly throughout the day start to verbally attack you through the glass with hissing and other various noises just because you moved the wrong way.

They do not like being held or being taken out of their tank, making showing them off at any time hard. When you do take them out, it’s messy because they flick their nasty water all over the place, while baring their teeth and hissing.

They will let you know who they do and do not like because they will develop an opinion, but how would you know? Well, get face-to-face with his glass if he likes you he will do nothing, just sit there and give you a nasty look; On the other hand if he is not fond of you, he will get eye-to-eye with you and spit out intimidating noises.

Alligators are creatures of habit; they do best with routines. They look forward to them and remember them well. If you would feed them on the same side of the tank every time, then if he thinks he is going to be fed he will sit on that side and wait.

Also contrary to common belief, his first response is not to bite you; he’s a chicken–he’d rather run.

Now some fun facts about alligators. Alligators sneeze (and it is adorable). They are weirdly playful, from chasing after laser lights to ribbons. They are also very curious; if you put something new in his tank, he will take notice and investigate, but they are never grateful. Alligators only grow to the size of their environment, meaning he will stay the size of a little alligator.

Although they are so cool, I do not recommend getting one of these little reptiles because they are more of a hassle than they are fun.

by: Felicity Petty