Everyone has stress and it can be dangerous for your health. Scientists have warned that stress can cause high blood pressure and heart attacks. Low stress can also cause heart attacks and strokes. recommends to get more sleep or do yoga.
I believe getting more sleep would definitely help you and your health. As teenagers we love to sleep all the time but we usually don’t get a lot of it. Stress is one reason why. I can’t name how many times I’ve stayed up all night to do homework.
A vice many people have, procrastination, I personally think causes the most stress. It is the fault of the procrastinator, but like any habit it’s hard to break. Having the mindset that you have time to put everything off until later then suddenly it all crashes down. You’ll always regret procrastination but probably won’t stop.
Some tips to help with stress is to exercise more it helps you keep in shape and clear your mind. Oxytocin is known as the cuddle hormone and can lower stress just by hugging. As recommended above yoga is a good stress reliever, and if you didn’t know MHS has a yoga club starting this year. Try some of these tips and hopefully you’ll stress less because as teenagers we don’t need to stress too much.


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