“Bad Words”

As high schoolers we have all probably heard a “bad word”. I would be surprised if someone would tell me they haven’t. Since this is a school newspaper I am not allowed to give examples.
There are times when it is considered acceptable to use this type of language and there are, more often than not, when it isn’t acceptable. In school, restaurants, and most public places it’s not respectable to use indecent words. I can’t deny I have done it before and have been corrected or scolded for my language. I actually decided to write this article because of how many times Mrs. Harris has corrected my language in her class.
As stated in the paragraph above there are times when it is ok to say as many bad words as you please. I know that some parents don’t allow their children to say cuss words. Parents used to threaten and even wash out their kids mouth with soap for using foul language. I am so glad that has never happened to me. At my house I know I won’t get in trouble for saying a bad word, as long as we don’t have guests over.
I have never minded someone using what is considered a bad word around me. I do believe that some people don’t understand when it is and isn’t acceptable to use that kind of language. It’s important to respect the people around you and think before you say a bad word.


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