Drinking Age

“The drinking age across all 50 states is 21, however there are exceptions that exist state-by state. For example some exceptions may include, drinking on private property with adult supervision, religious purpose, and and educational purposes(I.e. culinary schooling),” states American Medical Association. There are two big problems with the drinking age being 21. The first being binge drinking is a big issue, and the second being we can go and die for our country, yet we can’t have a drink. It’s no secret young adults drink; “by age 18 roughly 60% of teens have had at least one drink” reports the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. I think if we lowered the drinking age to 18, there would be less binge drinking in an uncontrolled environment. Yes, more people would be drinking, but at least they wouldn’t feel the need to binge all in one night to lower the risk of getting caught. As well as, it wouldn’t be as thrilling to partake in a legal activity.

     Even with two big pro factors, there will always be cons. One of the biggest cons is the brain of a young adult is still developing. With that being said, no matter the age alcohol can cause damage. If the age were to be lowered, perhaps more young adults would learn to drink responsibly, decreasing the odds of brain damage. The other major con is, there would possibly be a jump in car crashes. “There was a 16% decline in car crashes when states raised their drinking age to 21” reports The Task Force on Community Preventive Service. With both sides being presented, I believe lowering the drinking age wouldn’t be as detrimental as most would think.


By: Holli Ecker


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